A collaborative blacklist from a network of Enterprises and Internet Telephony Service Providers.


What do we offer

VoIPShelter - Voip blacklist for your PBX

We provide the tools to let service providers use and share VoIP blacklist information in a controlled and secure environment.

We provide free tools to

VoIPShelter - Check and block IP

Detect VoIP attacks and add source IPs to the blacklist

VoIPShelter - Check and block IP

Check and block requests from malicious IP addresses

VoIPShelter - Share informations

Share attack information and the blacklist itself

We offer premium services

Cloud based VoIP proxy/firewall with integrated blacklist handling to protect on-premise or cloud PBX

VoIPShelter - Premium services by a VoIP security proxy
VoIPShelter - Professional services

Professional services allowing the integration of free or premium tools in your environment.

VoIPShelter - Protect your PBX

Start protecting your PBX

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